Die for You – Single – Jeyhan


After my childhood dog Jiji passed away about a month ago, I thought that my whole world was over. Jiji was basically my little sister considering we grew up together. I was devastated when she passed and cried so much that I could no longer produce tears. I knew that I needed to do something to get all of the emotion out of my system to cope with the loss. So, I sat down at my piano and wrote a song. “Die for You” was the easiest and fastest song that I’ve ever written because the pain was so fresh. After writing “Die for You,” I felt as if a weight had lifted from my shoulders. I wrote this song for my Jiji, but also so that my family could move on. I hope that “Die for You” can help others get through the loss of a loved one as well. It is an extremely emotional, raw, and honest record that I am completely proud of. I play the piano in it and both the piano and vocals were recorded in one simultaneous take all the way through. All of the pain and emotion from Jiji’s loss is left in the recording. “Die for You” is not perfect. It is entirely truthful and unequivocally impassioned.

Much love,


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