Jeyhan is an R&B/soul-influenced pop artist from the Washington D.C. area. His voice has been described as the love child of Stevie Wonder, Prince, and Sam Smith and his music is regarded as a unique blend of Beyoncé, Prince, and Turkish singer Tarkan’s work. His recent release, “Tease,” is a perfect example of this blend of these styles and was regarded as “an impressive twist on modern R&B and Turkish folk music” by hit producer Oak Felder (Rihanna, Britney Spears, Lizzo).

Jeyhan grew up in a large (and very loud) Turkish family in Rochester, New York. Music and entertainment has always been a significant part of Jeyhan’s life as every member of his family is an advocate for nightly dance parties and album listening sessions.  Growing up, Jeyhan’s sister, parents, cousins, aunts, uncles, and even grandmother, spent what seemed like every single night learning the dances to the newest Destiny’s Child video or singing along to Tarkan’s latest album.  Jeyhan attributes much of his musical interest to his family’s appreciation for the arts.

As a first generation Turkish-American, he has learned from his family that a strong work ethic leads to success and embracing individuality is crucial in fighting for one’s voice to be heard.  In simplest terms, Jeyhan is an entertainer that, through his music, urges people to champion diversity, encourage transparency, and love deeply. His next single, “None of That,” is an unapologetic self-empowerment anthem that he wrote to overcome his struggle with OCD. He hopes that the song will inspire people to love themselves and begin living their lives to the fullest on their own terms.

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